Bio for Helga Murray

Helga Murray has been teaching piano, music theory, and music history in Ocean Park since September of 1990. She holds a B.Mus. in Piano Performance and a M.Mus. in Music History as well as an ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music. She is a Royal Conservatory of Music Certified Specialist Teacher and is the President of the B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association South Fraser Branch. Helga Murray maintains a very busy and active piano studio at her home in Ocean Park, South Surrey. She prepares students for all levels of the Royal Conservatory Examinations, festivals, competitions, and provides many performance opportunities for her students. During the course of the academic year, there are also many guest artists that are invited to give master-classes and perform house concerts. Enriching the musical lives of her students is one of Helga’s main goals.

“I started playing piano at the age of five and I spent years learning the basics and acquiring the skills necessary to be able to actually ‘play the piano.’ In my early teens, I had the very good fortune of meeting a teacher that changed my life – Paula Feldman. Mrs. Feldman studied at the Moscow Conservatory and after having left the Soviet Union for China, taught at the Beijing Conservatory of Music. Because of her influence, notes were no longer just marks on a page to be learned and performed with accuracy at the correct tempo. They became the vehicle by which one could communicate and interpret a composer’s emotion, spirit, thoughts, and philosophy of the world. Mrs. Feldman empowered me with her artistic vision and connection to the great traditions of the ‘Russian School’ of pianists. I will be ever grateful that I had the chance to study with this wonderful woman and to have had her as a mentor in my life for many years. I strive to pass on this love of music to all who study with me.

Here is a photo of Mrs. Feldman and my father (avid music lover) around 1977!


Piano, Harmony, Theory, Counterpoint, and Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Prep in South Surrey, BC