Studio Policies


Tuition will vary depending on the length of lesson and the level of the student. Please enquire about the fee structure that would apply to your student.

Students are required to submit 10 post-dated cheques dated September 1 to June 1.Post-dated cheques must be submitted by June 15 in order to secure your spot for September. Please make cheques payable to Helga Murray.

The tuition fees are for 35 weeks of lessons. The cost of 35 lessons is divided into 10 equal payments. A two-week Christmas vacation and a two-week Spring Break vacation are not included in this 35-week fee schedule. In addition there will be 3 floating weeks scheduled sometime during the year that are not included in the fee schedule.

Please note that tuition fees do not include the cost of books, festival or examination fees.


Registration Fees

An annual registration fee of $50.00 per student is due and payable at the time of registration. Please write a separate cheque for the registration fee and date this cheque June 15. This non-refundable fee is applicable from September 1 until August 31 of the following year and is not pro-rated if a student enrolls later in the academic year. The fee is applicable to both new and returning students. Recital and Performance class fees will also be due upon registration. See the registration form for details.



Students will be given an annual calendar with all important dates in the academic year. Please note that Ocean Park Piano will follow the same Christmas Vacation and Spring Break Vacation Closures as Surrey School District 36. Alternate vacation times cannot be accommodated and any missed lessons due to vacations taken during the regular school year cannot be made up.


Private Piano Lessons

Lessons begin and end at their assigned times. You are responsible for attending your lesson at your scheduled time. Lesson times cannot be extended if the student arrives late. Please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time and wait quietly in the space provided. Please limit noise in consideration of the lesson in progress.

Acoustic Piano:
An acoustic piano that is tuned and in good working condition is essential to the study of the instrument. Playing on a sub-standard instrument will adversely effect the development of good technique. Students must have an acoustic piano in order to enroll as a student at Ocean Park Piano.

Music, and the study of piano in particular, is a skill and an art form that is best learned if one practices on a routine basis within the confines of a regular schedule. Please endeavor to establish a regular practice time each day for your student. The practice area should be quiet and free of other distractions such as television, etc. My expectations, at the minimum, are five days of practice per week. Children (and adults) will learn and progress at an optimal rate if this schedule is adhered to. I do understand that certain weeks this might not be possible. I expect that those weeks would be the exception rather than the rule. Coming to lessons week after week without practice and preparation in not an option. Students that consistently do not accomplish weekly tasks, do not fill out their practice log, and do not have a parent sign the practice/homework sheet will be placed on probation and may be dismissed.

It is the responsibility of the Student/Parent to fill out the weekly practice log on their homework sheet. Parents must read the weekly assignment in the student binder and must sign the bottom of the page in acknowledgment of the work that is expected for that week.

Siblings and friends are not permitted to attend the lesson, as it is very distracting for the student and the teacher. Parents are welcome to attend the lesson in the role of QUIET OBSERVER. Recording of the lesson is NOT PERMITTED.



Regrettably, there are no make-up lessons for missed private piano lessons. Vacation times that are taken outside of the school calendar cannot be made up.

If a student is sick, please keep them at home. One sick student means one missed lesson, however one sick teacher means many missed lessons! Regrettably, there can be no rescheduling of missed lessons.

There may be times during the course of the academic year that I will need to be absent due to my attendance at a concert, festival, or adjudication duties. In the event that my absence becomes necessary, you will be notified well in advance and that lesson will be rescheduled or a substitute teacher will be in attendance.


Group Theory and History Lessons

There are no make-up lessons if a student misses a group lesson but the student will be provided with the missed material and homework. It is the responsibility of the student to do the work and catch up.


Ensemble Work

It is mandatory for all students to participate in ensemble work such as duets, trios, and collaborations with other instrumentalists. The teacher will be assigning partners and performance classes will be held during the academic year. The schedule for these performance classes is listed in the annual calendar that is provided to the student.

Participation in the B.C. Registered Music Teachers Association Festival – South Fraser Branch in February/March of every year is strongly encouraged. The registration deadline for this festival is in November. The dates will be posted in the annual calendar that is provided to the student.


Withdrawal from Study

Students who wish to withdraw from study are required to give 3 weeks (lessons) notice. Students who choose not to attend these 3 lessons, which occur during the notice period, are still required to pay for those lessons. The remaining cheques on account will be returned.

Student lessons may be terminated at the teacher’s discretion should it be determined by the teacher that the student/teacher relationship is no longer a productive one. In the event a termination becomes necessary, a full refund will be issued for the remaining lessons not taken.


Royal Conservatory Examinations

Please note that all students that take a Royal Conservatory Examination must submit a fee to the Royal Conservatory of Music for taking the examination. These fees vary according to the Subject and Grade that the student is preparing for. These fees are posted on the Royal Conservatory website.

ONLY the teacher will determine preparedness for an RCM Examination. All technique and repertoire must be thoroughly learned and committed to memory at least one month prior to the time of registration for the examination.


Year-End Recital

The Year End Recital will take place in June. The date of the date of the recital and the mandatory performance classes in preparation for the recital will be posted in the annual calendar provided to the student.

All repertoire played in the year-end recital must be memorized and the deadline for memorization is the final performance class before the recital.

Please note that a dress code is in effect for the recital. Girls are required to wear dresses or skirts and boys are required to wear dress pants and shirts. No jeans, T-shirts, shorts, flip-flops, or athletic attire is permitted.


Summer Lessons

It is strongly encouraged to continue lessons in the summer for a minimum of six weeks. This will enable students to maintain their level of technique and ensure the continuity of their progress and minimize the amount of time away from the practice routine.

For more information about Ocean Park Piano’s studio policies, please contact me at or 778 294-2945.

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