Piano Instruction

Piano lessons are available for students of all ages. Generally most children will start about the age of five or six, depending on the readiness of the child. However, one can start to learn the piano at any age.

Lessons are available at our studio in the Ocean Park community of White Rock / South Surrey for beginners, intermediate, and advanced students up to full ARCT accreditation. Research has shown time and time again that there is a direct correlation between a musical education and success in other school subjects as well as greater success later in life.

Music is a discipline that requires dedication and regular practice. To be successful, all students must commit to at least five days a week practice. This is not always possible, but this is the goal to which we aspire. Music is learned in a very specific way and concepts are built upon and re-enforced on a daily basis. One cannot “cram” on Wednesday evening for a piano lesson on Thursday. Musical education is a partnership between the teacher, the parent, and the student. Each person in this partnership is of vital importance to the success of the student and we must all work together.

Parental support and encouragement is of the utmost importance. If you value the study of music in your life, then the student will value the study of music in theirs. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to attend their children’s lessons so that they are knowledgeable about what their children are learning and can support the student’s learning at home. Parents should attend lessons until the child is at least ten years old. Parents should realize that their attendance at lessons is in the role of an observer and encourager. A “Parent Corner” with a comfy chair is provided from which to observe the lesson. Sitting right beside the piano and offering suggestions and criticisms is not a good idea at lesson time. Remember, the role of a parent at the lesson is that of an observer and supporter!

All students must have a three ring binder that will be used for their weekly assignments and practice log. If a parent is not in attendance at the lesson, they will be required to sign the practice log. This enables me to best help the student as I can then ascertain how much time is being spent on various aspects of the curriculum in relationship to the progress shown.

It is strongly recommended that students continue to take lessons for at least one month in the summer. Young beginners tend to forget information and the technical skills they have acquired throughout the school term rather quickly. Older students can benefit from summer lessons as there is less competition for their time from other activities and homework.

To discuss how to best support your child in the study of music, contact Helga Murray.

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