Glenn Gould Challenge Winner (under age 10 category): Paula Mali

Paula wins a Menchie's gift card!
Paula wins a Menchie’s gift card!

Congratulations Paula! Here is her entry:

Glenn Gould, a Canadian musical ambassador was always a crazy music man. He represented Canada in an amazing way no one else did. Most musicians would only play music in their city or village. But no, Glenn wasn’t a boring person at all! Glenn’s composing and tours took him all over the world. He went many places in North America, including somewhere in Vancouver near where I live. But he also travelled to places in Europe and Asia, and became the first Canadian musician performing in Russia. Not many musicians and composers win awards after they die, but Glenn won some of the most famous awards after he died, such as The Grammy Award! Inside each spacecraft, Voyagers I and II, music blasts while both ships were floating past our farthest known planet Neptune in our solar system in 1990. The music is J. S. Bach’s Prelude and Fugue in C Major from Book One of The Well-Tempered Clavier. The pianist is Glenn Gould. By this time, Glenn had earned respect from audiences and composers from all around the world.

By Paula Mali – Age 8