Athena Murray

Athena Murray is a talented and well-rounded musician who resides in the South Surrey area. She began her musical journey at a young age studying piano. During her time as a student, Athena had the privilege of studying under Cheryl Finn and renowned Vancouver pianist Rachel Kiyo Iwaasa. As well as dedicating her time to piano, Athena also developed a love and talent for the flute. After graduating from high school, Athena went on to attend the University of British Columbia where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Orchestral Music Performance. During her time at university, Athena was a proud member of the UBC Symphony Orchestra as well as the Symphonic Wind Ensemble. Athena participated in numerous masterclasses during her time at UBC and performed in front of guest artists such as Joanna G’Froerer, Amy Porter, and Catherine Ransom Karoly. This period of Athena’s musical education helped to shape her into not only a skilful solo artist but also a well-rounded collaborative musician who is well versed in many musical styles.

After graduating from the University of British Columbia, Athena went on to receive an Education Assistant diploma from Sprott Shaw College. Through this training, Athena learned techniques and strategies to become an inclusive, positive, and effective educator. Athena believes in creating a safe and welcoming environment that is tailored to each and every student’s individual needs. She works to support and guide students to reach their personal goals and inspire a love of music.

Piano, Harmony, Theory, Counterpoint, and Royal Conservatory of Music Exam Prep in South Surrey, BC